Weight Resistant Training

Thanks Weight Resistant Training!

I recently had my bone density checked and it was found to be close to the bone density of a 35 year old. I would urge everyone to embark on Weight Resistant Training (WRT).  For me WRT is definitely a must do.  I hate to think what my bone density would have been at age 73 without it.  Thanks Weight Resistant Training.

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  1. Beverly Pelusio Chambers says:

    I have exercised all my life running was my preferred exercise but when my knees were too painful I decided to go to the gym. Recently I have started weightlifting building some muscle but would like to build more. Do you take any supplements?

  2. admin says:

    I’m so happy that you’ve found this out at such an early age. Well done! I hope many people read your message and follow your example and will be able to look forward to a lifetime of strong bones and continued mobility!

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