About Janice

Inspirational motivational speaker

Energetic and passionate challenger of the age stereotype

Energetic passionate and vocal about women being defined as more than a role

Began natural bodybuilding at 55 amid doubters and scoffers due to her age, gender and size

Acclaimed agent of positive change

Seven world titles from age 57-67

INBA Ultra Masters Ms Olympia in 2009 at age 67

Psychologist- author-motivator

Grandmother and mother of three


For a speaking engagement contact Janice at janicelorraine1@bigpond.com
A limited number of free talks available to ‘not for profit’ groups

3 Responses to About Janice

  1. Dear Janice
    I hope you’re well and you don’t mind me dropping you a line out of the blue. My name’s Rebecca Wright and I’m a British freelance journalist specialising in real life stories for women’s magazines. I read about you and wondered if you’d be interested in sharing your story with me for a British audience?
    I would be able to secure you copy approval as well as a fee to thank you for your time and trouble.
    It would be great to discuss this further if it’s something you might consider.
    Thank you and kind regards,

  2. Adelaide Anderson says:

    Hi Janice Lorraine,

    My name is Adelaide and I am a student at the University of Technology Sydney.
    For an assessment piece this semester we have to work in small groups to create a short five minute documentary piece. I am very interested in researching the world of female body building. I first heard about you a few years ago on an ABC program and was inspired by your lifestyle and achievements. I was wondering if you would at all be interested in being interviewed for our piece. If you are, we can send through further information about logistics. Of course, we can travel to you for the interview and you can share as little or as much as you’d like. If you are at all interested in taking part, please let me know and feel free to send through any questions you might have. You can reach me via the email attached.

    Thank you so much and I hope you’re having a great day!


  3. Susan says:

    Janice Hello.
    I am so thrilled to have witnessed your interview with Andrew Denton. I once heard you with some ABC Radio (male) journo, you were telling your story and I recall you began to recite a poem that I have long searched for, A young woman is like Africa? It was a piece I’d heard before and I loved it and he cut you off at the knees and you couldn’t finish, I remember that so vividly.
    Congratulations on your careerjourney and for being an amazing, strong and inspirational woman, we need fabulous real woman like you at 59 I ache to see older natural women owning their space. Thank you

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