Too many older people allow their energy to slip away as they age.  Don’t let this happen to you!  Keep active and stay strong, for if we don’t, we’ll lose our strength and vitality and limit what’s possible for us.

“Living Young” presents real life adventures of some older people who’ve done incredible things, even in their eighties and nineties.

Many of my gym friends are now 80+ and still working out with weights and machines to keep themselves strong and active.

Some of their adventures are quite incredible even at age 90.  If they can do it, we can do it.  Living Young contains some of their interesting stories.  It also presents ways of staying young, healthy and active at an older age.


My how things have changed from 1942-2022!    It’s hard for young people these days to appreciate the life women experienced in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s.  Back then, most girls, once married became under the control of their husbands. For some women this worked out beautifully but for many more women it meant being restricted to cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping and giving birth to children then caring for them as they grew.   I was one of these women, restricted to home duties and poverty, but one day I decided to go forth and live my life.  “Breaking the Shackles”, follows my journey from wife and mother to English teacher, school counsellor, psychologist, published author and then the world stage!

Keep Active and Enjoy Older Age

I’ve been going to the same gym for over 30 years now, as have many of my gym friends.  My group is now a lot older than first we met but we still enjoy the same goals to stay strong and active.  Many of my friends, now over 80, are still working out with weights and machines to keep themselves strong and active and able to engage in life.  Over the years I’ve seen many older people who now have no physical strength and can’t walk without an aid.  Don’t let that happen to you!  Sometimes I find the idea of working out to be a bit onerous, but once I start working out I feel happier and happier and all negative feelings simply disappear and at the end of my workouts I feel stronger and more motivated and in tune with the everyday world.


On my return walk this morning I saw an old lady, aged 70+ struggling up the hill to my right. She wore a loose floral dress which fell over a very large stomach and she had a large hump on her back. With her right hand she was pushing a stroller and with her right hand she was leading a toddler. Half way up the hill she struggled slowly across the road. Where another incline would greet her.
A little later, and aroused by this experience, I spied another older lady in front of me pushing a heavy stroller, and I so hastened to catch up with her.
“Hello,’ I said. “And who’s this little one?”
“This’s my granddaughter. I’ve been minding her, but I’ve told them today that this is my last day. I simply can’t do it anymore. I don’t have the energy. She’s asleep now. I’d rather her be asleep later on when I need a rest. I love her to bits but I simply can’t continue to do it.”
Not that long ago, I met a lady I knew leaving the gym at about 7.15 a.m. She’d been a regular gym family attendee for many years, but I hadn’t seen her for quite a while. ‘Hello,” I said. “Where’ve you been?”
“Oh,” she said. “I have to leave the gym about now to get home to take the grandchildren to school. I don’t mind,” she said and her eyes lowered and her mouth straightened. “We miss you,” I said.
I recall a conversation I had some time ago with a young woman who had two little children. “Day Care is taking most of my earnings,” she complained. “And do you know what happened?” I clearly had no idea. “My mother retired not so long ago and I said to her that’s fantastic! Now, you can mind the children for me, and do you know what my mother did? She went straight back to work!”

Weight Resistant Training

Thanks Weight Resistant Training!
I recently had my bone density checked and it was found to be close to the bone density of a 35 year old. I would urge everyone to embark on Weight Resistant Training (WRT). For me WRT is definitely a must do. I hate to think what my bone density would have been at age 73 without it. Thanks Weight Resistant Training.

A Tribute to Exercise

One of my male friends at my gym, aged 83, became conscious of a shortness of breath just before Xmas. He thought it was just stress as he was going through a rough time. However he was encouraged by gym members to go to the doctor and see about it. In short, he was found to have dire heart problems. Subsequent tests revealed that he had 100% of one artery to the heart blocked and 80% of another one blocked and so urgent surgery was required. On January 11, 2016 he had heart surgery and was told he’ be in ICU for three or four days. I rang the hospital on Wednesday 13th January to find out how he was. “Oh he’s in the cardio ward,” said the hospital telephonist. “I’ll put you through.”
A male nurse answered. “I’m ringing to find out how my friend is,” I said. “Oh he’s doing marvellously.” He sounded amazed. “He’s even been for a walk this morning. Do you want to speak to him?” “I’d love to,” I answered.
“Hello Love,” my friend said. “How are you?” I asked. “I’m absolutely fine I’ve been for a walk this morning.” “I know,” I said. “The nurse seemed amazed.”
“You know,” he said, “They had to take arteries out of my neck and legs for my heart.” “That’s amazing,” I said and then with an enormous burst of enthusiasm he said, “And the doctor said I can have sex anytime I want!” “Then perhaps I should warn any would be female visitors.” I said

Your Future Self

Take a few moments and to close your eyes and picture a person 70+. Now, if that picture is what you are happy to become at 70+ that’s okay, but if you don’t want to become like that vision, then you must change that vision in your head, because that is what you’ll become at that age. One becomes what one expects to become. If that vision doesn’t please you for your older age then, instead of allowing that original vision to take centre stage in your mind, create a vision that reflects what you would like to become when you are 70+, for if you don’t your mind will simply automatically take you to that previous vision.

Your mind is very powerful and it will bring to you anything you want, if you focus on it. Start thinking about how you want to be in the future. Your mind needs direction. Search for a role model a good 10 or 15 years older than you. Remember ‘as ye think so shall ye be.’

The Adventure Continues – 1 NOV 2020 IFBB Australia Bodybuilding NSW & Australian Championships Results including Photos

I competed in the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Australia on Sunday 1 NOV 2020 (a competition was postponed in March, due to the Corona Virus).

The competition was the N S W and National Championships, where I was attempting to win Masters Women (Over 35 Years) Titles and also an IFBB Elite Pro Masters Card.  The crowd was excited and it seemed that most of them were stunned to see a woman almost 78 years old on stage.  My fellow competitors cheered and gave me an ovation when I returned to the change room.

However, my competition was between 35 and 45 years younger than me and I came third in both the N SW and Australian Titles.

Nevertheless I am hoping to compete again in March 2021.

So it is on wards and forwards for me.

Weight Resistance Training

Thank Goodness! We’re able to go to the gym. Oh what a difference weight resistance training makes. I’m now going forward again instead of slipping backwards. In only one week I’m feeling happier, stronger, and more positive about life. Working out out he gym has not only improved my strength it has also improved my outlook on life as well as happiness with self. Thank Goodness for Weight Resistant training!