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    Janice at 67
  • Eat small mouthfuls
  • Taste the food
  • Chew more and you will eat less
  • Eat nude food (no sauces or gravies).  Nude Food leaves no rubbish behind.  Eating nude food keeps your omentum small.
  • Your omentum is an organ around your stomach.  It acts something like a fishnet.
  • Rubbish from fatty foods is deposited in your omentum.
  • As the omentum enlarges so does your belly
  • Persevere with the taste of healthy nude food
  • Learn to like the food you can eat plenty of.
  • You can acquire a taste in 6-8 weeks
  • Leave a good 15 minutes between Dinner and Sweets 
  • Choose high fibre foods.
  • High fibre foods keep you satisfied longer because they take longer to digest.
  • For a good eating style choose food that has high protein, low fat and low sugar.
  • Check the labels on the food you buy.
  • Good sources of protein with limited fat are, grilled fish, turkey breasts and chicken breast and eye fillet steak
  • Delay gratification of hunger by doing a small chore or activity before satisfying your desire to eat.


  • Start small.  Do not rush in full blast.
  • Work out a baseline which should be the amount of exercise you know for sure you will do each week.
  • You can then congratulate yourself if you do more than your baseline in any one week.  This is far better than setting the bar too high and feeling a failure if you do less than your baseline.
  • Build a habit of exercise, exercise then becomes an automatic part of your life.
  • Aim to make exercise part of you daily life
  • Be patient.  Hasten slowly
  • Results will come
  • Too much strenuous effort is too difficult to sustain
  • Attend to your posture (eg The Alexander technique) and your flexibility (eg Yoga)
  • Weight resistance Training is excellent for shape and strength
  • Weight Resistance training has been found to reverse the Ageing Process!
  • Do not forget the muscles on your face.  They weaken without exercise. 
  • Do facial exercise daily.  No Pain! No expense!
  • Tone up your facial muscles and keep the form of your face


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