You’ve the choice to stay inconspicuous and safe and do what most people do or become the exciting person you’d like to be.  “But,” I can hear you say, “but what if I try to do what I’d like to do and I fail, and everybody laughs at me?”  Firstly, failure in my mind is staying stuck in same as, same as, when you’re yearning to test your metal and explore, and as far as those who might shun you or laugh at you is concerned, I see these people as too frightened to go outside the norm.  Think a moment of the historical figures and film characters you admire.  Did these figures and characters live their lives following the norm?  Or did they take a few risks and ruffle a few feathers by doing so?

You can choose to stay safe and remain inconspicuous and not experience the wonder of yourself.  Going outside what you know can be frightening and fear is an uncomfortable feeling.  Anyone who moves outside his or her comfort zones will experience some fear, but fear, although uncomfortable, isn’t a bad thing.  Fear energises, stimulates, heightens sensitivity and helps to motivate.  In my opinion there’s only stimulation or stagnation, there’s no in between.  Stimulation excites and heightens the emotions.  It can cause anxiety and fear, but if you’re not being stimulated by life the chances are you’re stagnating and in a state of decay.  Struggling with challenges is stimulating and rewarding.

There are some who say, “I’m not quite ready to live the life I want to live.  I’ll do it, when I feel more comfortable about making a move.”  If you’re one of these people, the chances are extremely high that you’ll never be ready, for one never feels completely comfortable with the idea of moving outside one’s comfort zones.  So if you can’t muster the courage to face the fear of moving into an unchartered realm of experience, you’ll stay stuck in same as same as forever.