I’ve visited Nursing Homes where aged men and women shuffle around or sit silent in rows, some in wheel chairs, some in lounge chairs, their dull lifeless eyes staring blankly into space and their bodies rigid from inaction.  Don’t let this be you!  Keep your spirit joyous and choose to Live Young!   People who ‘Live Young’ see life as a perpetual adventure.   By looking at life as an adventure, we can’t expect ourselves to be perfect.  If on the other hand, we see the world as set in concrete, we’re more inclined to protect our view of life and blind ourselves to our part in any misadventure.  This sort of protective focus can be a huge obstacle to ‘Living Young’ because it shuts out the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding from the exciting and sometimes turbulent flow of life.  We all make mistakes and facing one’s mistakes can be scary, but if we don’t face our mistakes, we’ll stay stuck behind a protective invisible wall of our own making as the World moves on.  So accept stark reality, whatever it is and learn from it and move forward.  Staying stuck, in any way shape or form will cause stagnation and disconnection.