If you are an older person you need to choose your food more wisely. I’ve heard many older people say, “I’m not eating as much as I did years ago and I’m still putting on weight.”
Eating less of what you have always eaten won’t do. You need to change WHAT you eat. As you get older you need to eat differently. You need to choose foods that add to the body’s strength, rather than its size and also food that helps the body to function. As we get older our ‘garbage disposal unit’ becomes less effective and our appetite lessens, so we need to make sure that what we do eat serves our bodies well.
My advice is to eat less biscuits, cakes, sweets and pasta and the like and more natural nude food. Also try to do without those little extras like mayonaise, sauces, gravies and dollops of butter on this and that. These seemingly insignificant little extras play a large role in gaining weight over time.