Some people say natural nude food is bland. The reason natural nude food seems bland to these people, is that their taste buds have been deadened by the excesses of sugar, salt and artificial flavourings in processed food.
The more salt, sugar and other additives we eat, the more deadened our taste buds become and the more addicted we become to the additives. By increasing the salt, sugar and flavouring levels in food, food manufacturers have been able to gradually decrease the nutritional content of their products without our noticing. By gradually replacing the nutritional content with condiments and the like manufacturers have been able to make a bigger profit. Have you noticed how much artificial flavourings and colours have increased in processed food over the years?
The good news is that you can reverse the deadening of the taste buds and get back the taste of natural nude food. It just takes a litle time and patience.
I experienced the deadening of my taste buds in relation to salt. Many years ago I used to sprinkle salt on my food and when I stopped adding salt, the food seemed to have no taste at all but after a relatively short amount of time without the salt I was able to enjoy the full flavour of natural nude food again.
Try and keep away from too much salt. Dr Trevor C Beard elaborates upon the dangers of salt in his book ‘Salt Matters, the killer condiment.” Some of the dangers he cites therein are, high blood pressure, calcium depletion and a reduction of bone mass! So take the time to adjust back to natural unprocessed nude food.