My advice to those wanting to keep their weight the way they want it to be, is to start with your normal diet and gradually modify it by trading bits and pieces of it for substitutes that are lower in calories; lower in salt, sugar and saturated fat. This approach is far more likely to turn into a permanent way of eating than this or that diet. Doing it this way you’ll never be over weight again because you’re eating similar to your usual diet. Simply following this or that diet will have a beginning and an end. You want something that is never ending, a diet that you can stay with and enjoy forever. I started eating differently in 1999 and I enjoy what I eat and never put weight on. Sometimes I’ll have a small portion of so called treats and I enjoy that as a little change, but often when I do this my system doesn’t feel good afterwards. Once you’ve modified your diet the way you want it to be for your weight control you’ll be able to enjoy it and stick to forever. You’ll never have to worry about losing weight again. Always remember that you can acquire a taste after about six weeks. So persevere with each of your substitutions to your diet for at least six weeks. You might at the end of that time prefer your substitute item to your usual food.