Don’t give up on your dreams. They could still come in a way you never imagined. Instead consider all possibilities and pathways because the way to your dreams might be way outside your current understanding. You might need to pursue things and do things in a direction you never imagined. Your mind sees beyond logic and rationale. It is very creative. It is we who restricts its magic.
So when a seemingly absurd or impossible idea comes into your mind about what you could do to reach your dreams, do not summarily dismiss it and label it as ridiculous. Instead think, “Maybe the idea is not ridiculous, maybe it’s simply outside my vision at the moment of what I see as possible.
Try not to be certain about anything. You need to think outside what you know. People who are certain restrict their life experiences.
So have an open mind and remember your time is always now! Stop lamenting over what was, and start making the most of what is. There is so much life to experience and so much more to discover about yourself and the world you live in, irrespective of your situation or your age.