Many of us are attracted to the look of food or the idea of it and eat it, not because we are hungry, but because it is there, after which we feel bad and often extremely uncomfortable. Try not to eat when you are not hungry. It might be difficult at the time to refrain from eating what your mind is admiring but if you do not succumb you will feel great afterwards.
The first question to ask yourself when tempted by the idea of food is, “do I want that custard tart or those hot chips because I am hungry or do I want them because I like the idea of them.
The next question to ask yourself is, “if I ate that custard tart and those hot chips what would happen to them?
The chances are extremely high that, the custard tart and those hot chips would journey from your mouth to your belly and sit as extra fat in your Omentum and the more you succumb to eating when you’re not hungry the bigger your belly will become and the less healthy and less streamline you will be.