If you haven’t done any exercise or haven’t execised for a long time, start small. Don’t do too much at once. I didn’t begin regular exercise until age 41 and I began with only two aerobic classes a week. At the time my neck bones stuck out and my upper arms flapped as I moved. I was so embarrassed I covered up my unsightliness in my aerobic classes by wearing a skivvy. Although I began doing only two classes a week it wasn’t long before I was gaining in confidence and enjoying the workouts. Over time I gradually increased my number of exercise classes and eventually I felt able to discard my skivvy.
I recommend that you start small and bulid up the habit of exercise. If you do this you’ll be more likely to stick at it. In my time at the gym I’ve seen many peole hit the gym running. These people are usually new to exercise and want quick results. They’re super keen, they’re at the gym every day and they work hard and get fantastic results but then, as regular as clockwork, they disappear because it all becomes far too hard to sustain. I call these fly by nighters, the six weeks to three months wonders.
Lasting results come from a sustained effort over time!