It was exciting competing in the ICN Natural Universe Titles at the World Fitness Expo in Rimini Italy. The atmosphere at the Expo exuded enormous energy and vitality. Diverse energising music filled the air in every pavilion and the whole venue extended for about two kilometres. What a wonderful experience it was. Over the years ICN has provided me with such wonderful memories and exciting experiences both in Australia and in other parts of the world like Los Angeles, Hollywood, Texas, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Dubai, Greece, Phuket and now Italy.

After the World Expo my partner and I flew to Sicily for a few weeks. What a wonderful place! I loved its history, its buildings, its food and its people. In Sicily we saw people relating openly, not holding back with political correctness or staring at their mobile phones or walking around with ear plugs in their ears. It was also lovely to see shopkeepers selling their produce with pride and selling food which tasted like real food, unlike the half frozen imported food and watered down products we now get in our shops.