I’ve been attending the same gym for almost 20 years and most of my friends, who number about 50, are now 60+ years old. Some are 80+. What I’ve noticed as my friends have become older is that quite a few of them have become quite rigid in the body and also stooped. This is most likely a natural phenomenon but we don’t have to lie down and let the process do its worst.
It’s important to stay as flexibile as possible for as long as possible. One day when I was in the Post Office two older men walked in and one dropped a letter and simply stood staring at it in dismay. He wasn’t able to bend down and pick it up. The other man, noticing the other’s inability to pick up the letter, bent down and took the letter in his hands. The first old man said, “Gee you’re great mate. I couldn’t bend down like that.” To which the man bending down said, “Yes, but I’m not sure I can get up again.”
One needs both flexibility and strength. I recommend Yoga and Tai Chi for flexibility and strength.