In my years as a psychologist I have seen people run back to a position of pain, suffering and disappointment, just to appease their childhood beliefs. I have seen people sabotage their opportunities and sabotage their happiness just so they can be in synch with what they were told to believe as children about life and themselves and their place in the world.
Think a moment, did you have an opportunity you sabotaged or passed up for no apparent reason, other than the opportunity made you feel uncomfortable?
And is there something you would really like to do but cannot bring your-self to do?
And is there a dream that keeps surfacing that you keep explaining away?
If you are like most of us you will have found all sorts of “valid” reasons as to why you were not, and are not able to pursue that dream or to do the things you would like to do. But deep down you know that the real thing stopping you is fear, fear of going outside what you have come to believe is possible and or permissible for you.

If the life you would like to live happened to fit snugly into your idea of who you are and what you should expect from life and into what your family and friends and workmates and the society in general would look favourably upon, you would not have a problem. It would be full steam ahead for you.

But this is not likely to be the case and so many of us stay stuck, paralysed in inactivity, fearful of moving one inch outside what we know. We comfort ourselves by telling ourselves that one day we will be able to live the life we want to live and to do the things we want to do.

But time has a tendency to slip by like some unnoticed quiet achiever and suddenly one day we wake up to find out it is all too late. Don’t let this be you. Go for it!