Eating healthy is sometimes difficult when you have a partner. What do you do if your partner wants to eat, what you would prefer not to eat?
One way I found to get over this problem is to have all meals as a serve yourself meal.
This is what I do. I prepare a large platter on which I put things I particularly like and things which are good for me such as lettuce, tomato, capsicum, carrot and the like. I also include some cheese(fat reduced for me and higher fat content for my partner) and olives (green for me, stuffed for my partner), fruit and nuts, ginger, apricots, avocado etc. You get the general idea? You stack this large platter with food that both of you like. Often I microwave vegetables which I eat as is and I fry the vegetables in some oil for him. The idea is that both parties can select what they want to eat and not feel pressured to eat what they do not want to eat.
This way of doing things allows each person to decide for themselves what they would like to eat and nobody feels put upon or threatened. As far as meat is concerned both types of meat are prepared, in my case eye filet, grilled chicken or grilled or tinned fish and in my partner’s case T-Bone steak, silverside and white sauce, chops and so on, for him.
The difficulty in what I’m telling you is more in the telling than in the doing. it’s a very easy way to prepare meals and I don’t feel pressured to eat anything I’d prefer not to eat. Do take care of what you put in your mouth. As they say, “you are what you eat”
It might sound complicated to eat in a serve yourself way but it isn’t and it gives you a freedom to eat just what you want and it also gives your partner no reason to go without what he or she would like to enjoy.