I’m back, and it’s all over and I have another gold medal to add to my collection but what an experience! There were over 400 competitors and would you believe, the computer crashed which created utter chaos but we managed somehow. Because of the huge number of competitors posing routines were cancelled. All that practising for nothing! The venue was a huge sports centre with an indoor soccer pitch and a great gym. It was a very different experience competing in such a venue. Another little aside was that every competitor had to be drug tested both with blood and urine. Oh what a joy! It’s none too easy giving a urine sample with someone waiting right outside the toilet door. Anyway the Championships were super exciting, with all sorts of compliments and adrenaline rushes. Perhaps the greatest adrenaline rush was being interview by Swiss Public Television. What buzz and I’ve been promised a DVD of it too! The attached photos are after judging and before results and the Australian Team.