Well two weeks tomorrow is the big day for the INBA Pro-Am World Championships in Dubai! I’m pretty happy with my results so far but I’ll be glad when next Friday comes and I can modify my preparation intensity. Regardless of how I go I am satisfied with my effort. I’ve done everything I can. I’ve entered the over 50’ and over 60’s and I’ve tried to enter an over 70’s division as I did in Greece in 2013 but although the over 70’s is offered for male bodybuilding, it is not, at the moment, being offered for female bodybuilders. I feel that it’s important for a sport, particularly for one that is so focussed on health, strength and fitness (including diet) that pathways not to be blocked, particularly when, most likely, today’s 70 year old will be tomorrow’s 50 year old in terms of health, fitness and strength. Entries close on May 31 and at the moment there is one male competitor entered in the over 7o’s male bodybuilding.