As an older person life challenges are very different from that of a younger person. Challenges present themselves naturally to a young person, like getting qualified, finding a job and a life partner, securing a home and having children etc.

When you’re older however, life challenges no longer present themselves automatically and so and we must find our own challenges and pathways to stimulate and reward us. Sadly, many older people focus on their sickness and make their sickness or ailments their life focus, possibly because they are unaware of possible more exciting alternatives.


(a) Its younger people’s turn now. It’s time for me to take a back seat.
(b) I must play the role of grandmother/ grandfather
(c) If I dressed the way I’d like, I’d look like mutton dressed as lamb. I must wear things befitting my age.
(d) I must have a partner who is age appropriate
(e) I must act my age
(f) I must not rock the boat
(g) It’s too late for me

This of course is nonsense. Life can be vibrant, exciting and adventurous at any age!