Over the years I’ve heard many retirees lament that they are no longer as good as they once were. This type of focus is very unhelpful. Focussing backwards is never good. You need to look forward! I believe that at every stage of life there are things to explore and achieve, adventures to be had and more and more to learn and to understand.
However it is common for retirees, often as soon as they retire, to get bombarded with requests from relations and friends to use their new found free time to do chores for them. There are many who think that when one retires one can mind grandchildren, fix fences, be a taxi service, cut lawns and so on. Many of my peers have experienced this. It takes courage to stand up to these sorts of requests and expectations.
As a retiree you have the freedom to build and live the life you want, but to build and live the life you want might mean standing up to the requests of others and scrutinising some your long held conditioned beliefs.
It will take courage and a positive mindset to live the life you want to live, but if you don’t build and live the life of your choice you will end up living a life a prescribed by others until the day you leave the planet.