Don’t let yourself stagnate. If whatever you want to do is not aimed at hurting anyone, go for it! Surely there’s more to life than same as, same as. I believe the greatest enemy to the human spirit is the stagnation inherent in the so called ‘done thing.’ People who stay dynamic and vibrant continue to reinvent themselves, continue to push the boundaries of the ‘done thing.’ A good example is Clint Eastwood who’s still amazing the World in his 70’s and he’s had his critics over the years.
It’s never too late to be excited about life and feel good about yourself. Don’t succumb to the catch cry “Act Your Age!’ for if you succumb to this catch cry and accept the stereotypical role of an older person, you’ll slowly but surely descend into one of the living dead. It’s not over until it’s over! So blast through the Age Stereotype and Live Young!