Far too many of us let our life spirit wither and die. We entered life eager to live it. Our minds were open to learn, love and grow in every way possible but somewhere aong the way a great many of us, sometimes at a relative young age, started closing our minds to what we couldn’t understand, closing our minds to new possibilities and a changing world. We became sedentary, sceptical, judgemental and critical. We stopped accepting challenges and settled into the relative predictability of everyday life and before we knew it, we awoke to find our bodies weak and sagging, our faces weinkled, our eyes lifeless and our spirit deadened.
This doesn not have to be. We can decide to Live Young. Living Young does not mean that the sands of time won’t take some toll, nor does it mean that Living Young is the same as being young. What it does mean, is that your life can be vital, exciting, adventurous, challenging and rewarding irrespective of age.