When you Live Young nothing is set in concrete, instead life is an adventure and in adventures mishaps are common, but mishaps stimulate the spirit, they cause you to think on your feet, to improvise, and so when you Live Young you are in a perpetual state of learning. Seeing life as a perpetual state of learning makes it easier to look squarely at “What is,” because you don’t expect to be perfect.
There are those who choose to avoid looking squarely at “What is.” The reason for this is, “What is” will always include one’s part in whatever has occurred and many people would prefer to stay blind to their part in things and focus only on the part others have contributed.
This sort of selective focus can be a huge obstacle to Living Young because it shuts out part of life. How can you be open to life if you are protecting yourself from it? Although facing “What is” can be scary, facing “What is” stimulates the spirit and makes one stronger. If you opt out of facing it, you’ll stay stuck behind a protective invisible wall of your own making as the World moves on. You need to accept “What is” and move forward. Staying stuck, in any way, shape or form wil cause you to stagnate and age.