Being open to change is vital to Living Young. The World is continually changing and if we want to Live Young we must be open to a continually changing World. Living Young means aspiring to learn new things and to see things in diverse ways. it means being open to life, open to change and open to new and contrary thoughts.
We grow old because we start shutting life out. Somewhere along the way we stop being stimulated by life. We stop being excited by it. We stop being challenged by it. We become set in our ideas and shut out those ideas which don’t fit what we’ve been taught or come to believe. If we want to Live Young we must be open to explore, new and different and even opposing ideas.
Remember what is castigated today might well be revered tomorrow. Things are forever changing. You don’t have to bend to all the changes that take place, but to Live Young you musn’t build a wall between your ideas and these changes, for if you do, you’ll be separating yourself from the flow of life.
Be open to all ideas and allow others to freely choose their path. Learn to Live and Let Live!