The notion of an ideal marriage springs from fairy tales. Can you imagine Cinderella and Prince Charming having ding dong argument?
In fairy tales marriages are supposed to be happy all the time. The thing is happiness is not a permanent state. It is a transient state. It comes and it goes, here one moment, gone the next. No relationship can be happy all the time, but it can be strong.
In relationships where the couples feel the marriage must be happy all the time, disagreements tend to be avoided, and so the two people don’t get to really know each other. They simply avoid talking about anything controversial.
Far better than a happy relationship is a strong relationship where you really get to know each other and work through whatever there is to work through.
A strong relationship is one with substance, one that allows you to really get to know each other warts and all.
A strong relationship is one that you can count on.
Strong relationships are sometimes happy, sometimes volatile, sometimes sad but always real. They are warts and all relationships.