We need to look mistakes and disappointing experiences as learning tools. Without the learning we pick up from our mistakes and disappointing experiences we’d not get very far in life. And so when things go wrong think, ‘This is a necessary and useful pit stop on my road to success,’ and simply make the necessary adjustments and keep going and you will become better and better and stronger and stronger.
The most helpful things I learnt as bodybuilder were from the things that did not go the way I would have wished. In fact I had some very embarrassing and unpleasant experiences while competing in Natural Bodybuilding, like having my right breast slip out of my bikini bras while I was being judged on stage in front of about five hundred people and not being aware of it until I looked down some time later. This led to my having more secure bras tops, post haste! Another time I put my body tan on so dark the judges told me I looked like a charcoal chicken. I didn’t do that again. I learnt. I immediately changed both the product and the technique.
Anyone who does anything makes mistakes. This is the way we learn. Those people who say, they have never made a mistake have, most likely never done anything, certainly nothing outside the ordinary. If you are one of those people who are reluctant to venture forth for fear of making a mistake you are destined to do very little in life.