The concept of bodybuilding has become quite diverse since I began competing in 1999. In natural bodybuilding championships these days, there are a number of female divisions which are Bodybuilding, Physique, Bikini Divas, Bikini Mamas, Bathing Suit Beauties, Sports Model and Ms Figure (Two Piece), Ms Figure Classic (One Piece). In my view the only two divisions which fit into my idea of bodybuilding are the bodybuilding and physique divisions. Of these two I compete in natural bodybuilding rather than physique because, for me it’s the real thing. In the physique division, competitors wear enormously high heeled shoes. Because of this some of one’s presentation is dependent upon how well one can perform on stilts, not how well developed and tailored one’s muscles are. The physique division was created to provide a more level playing field for smaller and more slender competitors. Well you say; how come you compete in the bodybuilding division when you are so small and slight? My answer to this is that I consider the bodybuilding division to be the genuine article, because with the bodybuilding division one is on stage with only body and bikini. If women are to be taken seriously in natural bodybuilding, I believe that they should be judged similar to male bodybuilders in terms of the muscle size, muscle definition and symmetry they have achieved, with no extra adornments like high heeled shoes.
In my opinion, the glamour focus of the various female divisions, detract from the essence of strength, vitality and excitement about life and self. Adornments take away from what I’m endeavouring to do, which is to promote health, strength and feeling good about self. It’s a great feeling to be able to feel confident wearing the clothes you want to wear and know that you’ve really achieved something without adornments to rely on.
I like the natural approach and so I don’t take protein powder. It’s not natural for people to swallow protein powder. I want to show that one can get good results with ordinary healthy food, exercise and dedication that you can have the body you want and live the life you want to live and have the energy you need to pursue your dreams for as long you live. I’m out to prove this. I’m 72 years old now and on my way. There’s nothing more exciting for me than, at age 72, to be able to wear the clothes I want to wear and feel good in them, and to be able to dance and have fun and join in activities. When I look around at people in my age group who don’t exercise I’m sure that if I didn’t exercise and eat good food my life and choices would be severely limited. You don’t need adornments to feel good and excited about life and yourself, you can feel great just as you are.