I recommend you eat as much natural nude food as possible. Natural nude food is food that has not been processed and isn’t adorned with sauces, spices, or gravies. Natural nude food includes vegetables, fruit, nuts, eggs and unprocessed meat and cereals.
Natural nude food revitalises your body and assists your body to function and natural nude food also leaves little or no rubbish behind and it helps keep your body regular and your Omentum small. The Omentum is an organ positioned in front of your stomach. It acts something like a fish net catching unwanted food and storing it as fat. Consequently as the Omentum gathers more and more unwanted food your belly enlarges accordingly. An enlarged Omentum is very dangerous to your health and it’s not a good look!
So choose natural nude food as much as possible over processed food. Also processed food can be very high in sugar, fat and or salt. Excesses of sugar, fat and salt can be extremely damaging to your health.