We all get upset with our friends sometimes but we are largely compassionate towards them. On the whole, we look at the overall positives of who they are. We need to do the same for ourselves. None of us is perfect and yet all of us unrealistically seem to expect that we be perfect.
Yet why would we want to be perfect when it is our imperfections that create our special charisma. After all a photocopy machine can produce perfect copies. Why would we want to be as boring as a photocopying machine?
So from now on try to be your own best friend. Start celebrating your efforts as you move courageously and imperfectly forward towards realising your dreams. It takes real courage to move courageously and imperfectly forward and you should feel pride in every imperfect and courageous step you take along the road to achieving the life you want to live. Dream, live and be and a Happy New Year to all!