This was another wonderful and exciting day in my life . On this day, June20, 2013 I competed in Melbourne, Australia with the 50-59 competitors and because of my age, a film crew had decided to do a story on me. Three media people (producer, photographer and sound person) followed me around all day. It was so exciting! I also received a wonderful, warm reception from the International Vice President of the INBA, Mr Wayne McDonald. I am very grateful to Wayne. He has helped to make my dream of helping others to defy restrictive stereotypes and the expectations of others and become who they want to be. Back to June 20, 2013. The whole day was like a fairy tale and the most wonderful thing about it was that an over 70 category was officially announced and had in fact had begun. Please don’t let your light grow dim just because you are older. Let your light shine. Your time is now!