Sadly many of us cast aside the joys of our own lives and chose to direct our focus onto what we do not have, or what we imagine we have lost. This style of focus only perpetuates unhappiness and stops us from going forward. Happiness has everything to do with how we focus our thoughts. People who focus on positive thoughts will attract positive experiences to them and people who focus on negative thoughts will draw negative experiences to them. I have heard hundreds of times people say, “You just can’t win. It’s alright for you. I’ll never be able to do anything.”
People who continually entertain this type of thinking are locked inside a negative thought prison. They can be seen dragging themselves along the street steeped in the thoughts that are keeping them exactly where they are.
On the other hand those who focus on positive thoughts, can be seen bounding along the road with smiles on their faces even when things aren’t going well. Positive people are always looking for ways to win. They are always seeking out the positive in whatever faces them.
You are the only person who can decide what your focus will be. If you choose to focus on the positive you will go forward and become stronger. If you choose to focus on the negative you will be weakened and your life will go no where. It doesn’t matter how horrible someone may have been to you. While ever you focus on them and what they may have done, you are going no where. In fact you are given the perpetrator or incident of your unhappiness more power over your life. So focus on where you want to go and on what you want to achieve and go from strength to strength. If you choose to focus on positive thoughts the way ahead will open before you, as if by magic!