Past dreams can be realised when you’re older. The vehicle to those dreams might be different but the joy and excitement and elation you anticipated can be the same. When I was a young woman I yearned to be a Go-Go dancer. I had a gorgeous figure and I also had a good sense of rhythm but so called “nice girls” were definitely not encouraged to be Go-Go dancers in those days. Even to move one’s hips slightly while dancing would be considered improper. In fact I was accused of being a ‘loose woman’ by a mother simply because I moved my hips slightly while teaching her son the Cha-cha. The way things were back then I had to let my desire to be a GO-Go dancer pass and I thought I would never experience the joy, excitement and elation I had imagined.
But I did. In Natural Bodybuilding competitions we are required to prepare a routine to music and perform it wearing a bikini. From age 56 to 67 I performed my routines to music in front of crowds of over 1,000 people and when I was on stage doing my routines and I heard the crowds cheering and clapping and enjoying my performance, I felt I was experiencing all the thrill and excitement I had expected to experience as a Go-Go dancer all those years ago.
So don’t give up on your dreams. Find another way to realise them. You’re never too old!