If you are feeling tired, a bit of exercise will invigorate you. Many people say they are feeling too tired to exercise but I’ve found that the less exercise you do, the tireder you become and the less inclined you are to do any physical activity.
Physical activity is also good for uplifting the spirits. Some say, “I’m too depressed to exercise but guess what, exericse can greatly reduce feelings of depression. We all get a bit down sometimes and when I’m feeling a bit low I find a good walk does wonders for my state of mind. I’ve often begun a walk or gym workout feeling low but afterwards I’ve felt great.
I’ve been exercising regularly since 1983 and in all that time I’ve never heard one person say, after exercising, that they wish they hadn’t done so. On the other hand what I’ve heard consistently in relation to exercise all these years are comments like, “I’m so glad I did my work out,” or I’m so glad I went for my walk or my run or my bike ride. I feel great now. Exercise makes one feel uplifted and more in tune with life!