I have a friend who is a wonderful photographer. He enjoys taking photos of birds, of the feathered variety. He takes pains to get just the right angle, the right time of day etc. Over many years I’ve seen hundreds of wonderful photos he’s taken, but the other day he said something that struck me. He said, “I took some photos of lorikeets the other day and I’m really disappointed. These birds are so quick in flight.” He sounded extremely disappointed since he’d tried so hard and travelled so far to take the photos. He went on, “I was trying to get a shot of under their wings but I just couldn’t do it. They move so fast.” I said “I’d like to see the photos anyway. So he emailed them to me and I found two of them to be nothing short of magical. Because my friend was so focused on the shot he wanted to take but, he failed to see the beauty of what he’d taken. He simply could not see the unique beauty he had captured. It then occurred to me that so many of us are like my friend. We are so set on what we want to achieve, we fail to see and appreciate what we do achieve. The message here is don’t miss out on appreciating the uniqueness and beauty of you and what you achieve simply because you are stuck focussing on something you wanted to achieve. In fact what you do achieve could be far more beautiful and unique, than what you set out to achieve in the first place. In other words, the dream might not be as beautiful as who you are or what you have created.