I believe far more is possible and permissible for retirees than most people think. If you have a limited idea of what you can do, enjoy and achieve in retirement, you might think that the best thing to do is to stay in a job you hate and as a result, end up sentencing yourself to years of unnecessary drudgery when you could retire and be exploring and enjoying exciting activities and interests in a multitude of diverse areas. My Natural Bodybuilding adventures could be considered extraordinary or even ‘out of the box’ but my very different adventures in Natural Bodybuilding have clearly shown that far more is possible for retirees and for older people, particularly for older aged women than most people think. I hope that by doing what I have done and speaking about it as I am doing in the photo in this post, others will be encouraged to step outside the safety of the norm and pursue whatever it is they might want to pursue.
I believe we retirees need to develop a mindset that is open to the exploration of all possibilities, a mindset that invites exploration, adventure and living to the full.