Some say that romance is only for the young but I believe Cupid is always ready with his bow and arrow to strike at any age.
I remember feeling the flutters of the heart at the tender age of seven. The boy in question was the butcher’s son. I’m sure most people would’ve had a crush on someone at school.
I believe boy, girl feelings and flutters are a part of our lives for as long as we live, irrespective of age. To illustrate my point, my three year old grand-daughter had a crush on Michael Clark, the Australian cricket captain. When she told her mother she loved Michael Clark, her mother asked “Would you like to marry Michael Clark?” After pondering this question for a few seconds the three year old replied, “mummy I can’t marry Michael Clark.” ” Why?” asked her mother. “Well” she said, “I don’t have a wedding dress.”
Now at the other end of the age range, some time ago I caught up with my 81 year-old widower uncle. I was surprised to see this elderly uncle looking so fit, tanned and happy. He looked great. It turned out that at age 77 he met a lady aged 73 and they had been together for four years. I listened to him as he bubbled forth with joy about his new relationship and about how wonderful everything was in his life.
But if you think 81+ is the age limit to romantic interest, let me tell you of another gentleman who was aged 101. It was this man’s 101st birthday and he was seated next to me in the corner of a room. While we were speaking he turned his head and happened to see two women about 75+ coming through the door. Straight away and with a great deal of interest and a certain spark he asked, “Who are those two GIRLS who just came in?”
You had to be there of course but I can tell you that grandpa was more than just a little interested in the ladies who had just arrived at the door.