It is important to make sure your self-image is in line with your endeavours. For instance if you’re striving to emulate someone or some image you need to be able to feel comfortable being like the person or the image you want to emulate. If what you are trying to achieve is very different from your idea of self, you will need to work on your self-image. Any achievement that is incongruent with one’s self-image is doomed to fail and sadly after only a relatively short amount of time. That’s a very big reason why so many people start and stop in their efforts to make positive changes. People whose self-image is not in synch with what they are trying to achieve can be seen engaging this and that diet and this and that so called amazing exercise regime, only to find they are on yo-yo treadmill of up and down.
There is a very good way to bring one’s self-image in line with how you want to be, and that is by visualising yourself every day being exactly the way you want to be, like the shape you want to have, the vigour and vitality you would like, the clothes and hairstyle you would like to wear and so on. At first it will be difficult to visualise yourself the way you want to be because usually we haven’t really worked out the specific details of how we want to be. At first the image will most probably be fuzzy but it will become clearer and clearer the more you focus on how you want to be.
As you keep visualising how you want to be, you will start feeling more and more comfortable with your new idea of self, so when your mind presents the pathway to that vision, and it will, you will be able to walk that pathway and be comfortable being the new self you have created.
But if you get to be the way you want to be and you still see yourself the way you were, you won’t be able to sustain it. You’ll go back to where you were on the never ending yo-yo of up and down. (More to come re the reasons we fear going forward)