You might still say, “My life couldn’t be interesting or relevant to anyone today because the World has changed so much.” I agree, the World has changed. As a child I couldn’t have imagined the World today. I marvel at the modern conveniences we now have like dishwashers, mobile phones, computers, central heating and comforts galore.
Young people these days would be amazed to learn how we managed to survive without such things as flush toilets, fridges, washing machines, floor polishers, vacuum cleaners, hot running water, cars, television sets, clothes dryers, motor mowers and home telephones to name only a few.
Young people couldn’t imagine coping with the shops closing at 12 noon on Saturdays and not opening again until Monday morning. They would be appalled at the very idea of using cloth nappies and washing them by hand and then having to walk to the clothes line to peg them out.
We older people have been alive long enough to experience a great many things and we should be proud of the things we’ve learnt and lived. You don’t need to sit on the edge of life and watch others live it just because you’re older. You are a wonderful living book of life, a book with tales of courage, romance, joy, diligence, fortitude and stories of caring and sharing.
You’ve won and lost, laughed and cried and you’ve hoped, ached, loved and despaired. You’ve struggled long and hard with life’s emotional turmoil and you’ve faced changes beyond belief.
You have also known days of glamour, days of wonderful Balls and Cocktail Parties where women wore beautiful gowns made of satin and chiffon and tulle and lace and silk.
And you’ve known days when people laughed until they cried. Why not share all those funny stories you’ve got tucked away? There’s not enough laughter in the World today. Things have become far too serious.
Don’t hide your light under a bushel. Don’t let all your wonderful experiences die with you. Celebrate Document! To be cont.—-