You are a walking book of life. Your life is of interest. You are of interest. What we older people experienced wasn’t perfect and we weren’t perfect but let’s preserve what we can of what we learnt for future generations. Who knows what catastrophes and disasters humanity might have to face in the future.
With the advent of machines and computers many skills have been lost. Imagine what would happen if all of a sudden people had to grow their own food, cook without modern conveniences like commercially prepared sauces, seasoned and sauced meat, packet cake mixes and many other things the modern world has come to rely on.
Consider the myriad of hands on things you learnt how to do, like cook old style, grow your own food, run chickens, knit jumpers, gloves and sox, make tables and chairs, build cupboards, all those survival things you learnt that young people are no longer being taught, things they might one day need.
So take the time to record or document how you managed without modern day things. Future generations might well be grateful. Who knows, you might find yourself wanting to give talks about your life and what your generation learned and experienced to audiences of all ages from school students upwards.
Regardless of whatever you choose to do or not do with your life story, if you document it you will have the quiet satisfaction of knowing you have left behind something very useful for those you love, something that only you can give, something that can inspire and assist. Young people don’t have all the answers and life these days is far from easy. (To be cont.)