Society these days is focussed on the young and older people can be forgiven for feeling they have nothing to offer to today’s world but nothing could be further from the truth. Older people might not have a twitter account or be on face book or be texting every two minutes or juggling a home, kids and a mortgage but they have a wealth of knowledge and know-how that has been picked up over many years.
It’s taken me 69 years to gather the wisdom I now possess and I look froward to gathering more and more wisdom as I age. Life isn’t over until it is over. We need to keep growing and striving when we’re older and we need to keep being excited by life and keep engaging in it. We older people can still amaze the world, can still be relevant and can still have a voice and be useful.
There are many ways we older people can contribute to today’s society. Obesity is raging among today’s youth. We can set a good example to the young by taking care of our health. We can do this by choosing to eat more healthy food like fruit and vegetables and by eating less processed food and by engaging in regular exercise.
The health of the young is becoming a serious problem. By choosing to have a healthy diet and by engaging in regular exercise we would not only be setting a good example to today’s youth we would also be more likely to keep our independence for longer. We would also avoid being a drain on the public health system and we would be more vibrant and energetic and be able to engage more fully in life.
Another way we can lead the way is by looking after our skin. It we look after our skin we will not only avoid many skin problems, we will also feel more attractive and look much younger than our years. This would not only enhance our self-esteem it would also present a more vibrant vision of older age to the young.
Another way we can contribute to today’s society is by using our talents and skills. We all have natural talents as well as skills we’ve developed over time. Sitting on our backsides moaning about the Youth, the government or our aches and pains is no way to feel useful or to develop a sense of self-worth. We need to find a way to use our talents and skills. To do this we need to expand our idea of what is possible and think outside the square! To be continued—-