Most people have dreams, things they’d love to do. However many people fear failure, so they sabotage their opportunities, rather than face the possibility of failure. But the biggest failure of all is staying the same, staying stuck and allowing oneself to stagnate. Don’t fear failure! If something doesn’t work out, so what! You’ll have moved forward, you’ll have learnt something and you’ll have picked up another life tool.
The thing is we don’t really know what we want, until we have a go at what we think we want. By having a go at what we think we want, we can find out that what we thought we wanted is not, what we want at all. By having a go we find out more and more about what we do want. Sometimes the things we thought we wanted turn out to be other peoples’ wants, planted in our minds as children.
People also sabotage their opportunities to realise their dreams because they fear that one or more significant other might disapprove of the dream. If you are one of these people, you must ask yourself the question, “Am I really living my life? And if the answer is, “No,” then the next question is “Whose life am I actually living?”
Another reason people sabotage their opportunities to realise their dreams is to protect their idea of self. If you embark on a dream, some part of you will change, so some ask, “Who will I be if I change? I know who I am now, but what if I change?” The self-image is like an old friend. It’s been around a long time. Tampering with the self-image can be unsettling. There’s something very comfortable about keeping one’s self-image undisturbed, but if you sabotage your opportunities because of this fear, nothing will change and your lot in life will be same as, same as, for the rest of your life.
So you see, simply embarking upon a dream can be difficult, let alone striving to realise it. Courage is necessary. Do you have the courage? I hope so!