Sometime later my partner also developed a skin condition and went to his doctor who also told him about the detrimental effect of soap on the body but this doctor had more to offer. He recommended using Sorbolene Cream with 10% glycerine in place of soap when washing hands or showering or taking a bath.
He further advised that when showering or bathing that you mix up a slurry containing one part Sorbolene Cream to three to four parts water and, after drying the body, spread this slurry all over the body and get dressed immediately with the slurry still wet.
This procedure is now a valued part of my armoury in looking after my skin. It took a bit of getting used to, that is putting clothes on while the body was wet but since I was eager to have nice skin I persevered and at 69 my skin is soft and smooth.
Although I’ve been told the slurry won’t stain any material other than silk I always put everyday clothes on my wet slurried body before dressing in fine fabrics.
I swear by Sorbolene Cream with 10% glycerine. Only last month a skin specialist said to me, “You don’t use soap.” “No”, I said, “Good,” she said and then she turned to her student who was present and said, “This lady really looks after her skin.”
As an aside, when you use Sorbolene Cream instead of soap you rarely need to use a deoderant.