There is another agent which can damage the skin, namely soap. I was in my 50’s before I discovered the ravaging nature of soap on the skin. I now use soap only on rare occasions. This might shock some who might wonder, “How could one be clean and not use soap?”
These days I use Sorbolene Cream as an alternative to soap. My journey to using Sorbolene Cream started some years ago when I developed an itchy, scabby rash on my torso and went to Sydney to consult a skin specialist. When I arrived at the skin specialist’s surgery the waiting room was full of patients, but surprisingly the patients were going in and coming out of the doctor’s consulting room quite quickly and so in no time at all it was my turn and in I went.
At the request of the skin specialist I bared my torso to reveal my sorry scabby state. He took one look at me and said casually, “All you need to do is to stop using soap.” I looked at him with surprise and he then said smiling, “You know the soap manufacturers have made me a millionaire.” Shocked though I was I immediately stopped using soap on every part of my body except my more private areas and my skin complaint disappeared almost overnight. Tune in next week for more on skin care.