Children run, jump and play and are forever on the go. Exercise for them is simply part of being alive, but as we get older we become more and more sedentary and modern-day life doesn’t help.
Modern day life has eliminated most of our mandatory exercise. For instance we’re no longer required to walk to the shops or to the cinema or to the train or the bus or even the clothes line or the outside toilet. Over the years mandatory physical activity has lessened dramatically to the point exercise has become an optional extra. It is essential that you keep physically active. You’ll age quickly and your strength and health will suffer if you don’t and I can vouch for this.
At age 62, the bones in my left foot were collapsing and needed to be broken and rearranged. It was a congenital condition and shock, horror I found out the bones in my right foot also needed to be broken and rearranged. I was devasted! At this time I was super fit and in superb shape. I’d been in training for some time for the International Natural Bodybuilding World Titles and they were only two months away, but instead of competing I found myself in hospital and bedridden for 18 weks out of 28 and instead of two operations I had to have three.
When I started to recover, I could only shuffle along with the aid of a walking stick and medical boots and I felt like a little frail old lady. I was used to feeling strong and energetic. Even worse, people started treating me like I was somehow separate from them. This was a dark time for me. I lost my strength, shape and motivation and I became unenthusiastic about exercise, the less exercise I did, the less I wanted to do. Lucky for me I knew what it felt like to be strong, energetic and in-shape and I wanted to be that way again.
I eventually was able to return to the gym and I found out I was as weak as kitten. I had lost so much strength. It took me 12 long months to regain what I’d lost in terms of muscle strength and shape. Thank Goodness for the gym and Thank Goodness for Weight resistant training (WRT)
A 75 year old woman who has been doing WRT for a only matter of a few months told me yesterday that before she started WRT she found it difficult to carry her shopping bag but now she said she was able to carry her shopping bag easily. WRT works!