The other day at the gym a 70+ male friend of mine told me he sometimes didn’t feel like coming to the gym, but he was always glad he made the effort. “Yes,” I said to him, “Our quality of life depends on us continuing to do our gym workouts. We simply mustn’t stop.” Secretly though, I must confess that when 5a.m. arrives and it’s time for me to get up, I don’t feel all that excited about getting out of bed and going to the gym, but I always go and always feel great afterwards. The same day, I was just about to drive out of the gym car park when the same fellow came and tapped on my drivers’ side window. I would down the window and he said, “You know what I said about the gym.” “Yes,” I said. “Well,” he said, “before I came to the gym and did Weight Resistance Training (WRT) I couldn’t walk without a walking stick and now I don’t need to use one. So what I’ve done, I’ve put my walking stick in a prominent position in my house so that anytime I feel like wavering and not coming to the gym I see the walking stick and it reminds me of what would happen if I stopped coming. JUST ANOTHER TIT BIT ABOUT THE WONDERS OF WEIGHT RESISTANT TRAINING!