Stereotypes, stereotypes, stereotypes, will it never end? Yesterday I phoned a local Senior Citizen’s club to make an appointment to speak to the manager, about giving a motivational talk on positive, healthy, active ageing, gratis too I might add. A receptionist answered the phone and quizzed me as to why I wanted to see the manager. I began by saying I was a bodybuilder who had been on ABC radio at their club some years ago in relation to positive active ageing. I mentioned that I was a psychologist and a motivational speaker and that this year I had been on ABC and commercial radio and on National TV and in the print media and that I was 71 years old. After all this I heard the receptionist sing out to the manager, “It’s a bodybuilder who wants to give a talk.” And then I heard the manager sing out, “No, I’m not interested in bodybuilders,” and that was that. Of course it’s their loss, not getting to hear about the wonders of WRT and the life benefits of being strong, active, vital and excited about life at any age.