In my opinion there is only stimulation or stagnation, there is no in between. If you are not being stimulated by life you are stagnating and in a state of decay.
You need to be continually testing yourself and struggling with challenges.
Sometimes we look with envy at those who seem to be having an easy life. For instance I have seen well-healed people, decked out in fine attire, drinking exotic coffee and going out to expensive restaurants, living the comfortable life and travelling the world in an effort to amuse themselves, but what I see with these people is the withering away of their life spirit and a gradual decline into old age.
Another group who seem to have it easy are those among us who choose to stay on welfare and spend their money on drugs. We ask, ‘How come these people have got it so easy? And how come we have to pay for them?’ We feel put upon and annoyed with these layabouts.
But think a moment. What have these people got to look forward to? What adventures? What experiences?
The fact is these people are actually cheating themselves for they will never know the excitement and the joy of achieving something beyond what they thought was possible. And sadly they will never know who or what they could have been.
And then there are those who say, “I’m not quite ready to live the life I want to live. I’ll do it, when I feel more comfortable about making a move.”
If you are one of these people, the chances are extremely high you will never live the life you want to live because you will never be ready, for one never feels comfortable with the idea of moving from the known to the unknown and so if you cannot muster the courage to face the fear of moving into the unknown you will stay forever stuck in the ordinary. Go for it whatever it is!