Only ten days to go before my first competition at age 70. I’ve been training so hard sometimes I feel a bit like “Rocky.” I’m happy with the results I’ve achieved and I’m happy to announce that I’ve noticed some considerable improvements in my physique.
Although I’ve been training consistently for 14 years I have put my all into my preparation for the upcoming competitions. The first comp is on 23rd June in Melbourne and the second one is in Zakinthos in Greece.
Although I’m very excited I’m also very nervous and a bit tired. I get up at 5am four days a week and workout at the gym for three hours. On the off days I usually walk 8km and do my usual push ups etc. In some ways I’m looking forward to scaling back my training a bit after the competitions.
By my competing at age 70 I’m hoping that those who fear older age will take heart by seeing that one doesn’t have to fall into frailty or melt into obscurity simply because one is older and that you can be feminine, muscular, in-shape and vital even at the age of 70. Go for it girls! Show how fantastic you can be!