There is a persuasive argument that we become what we expect to become. When we think of a particular age group a certain picture presents itself. So now I’d like you to close your eyes and picture a person of your gender aged 70+.
Take your time and look carefully at this picture. Take notice of this person’s body shape, apparent strength and vitality. Look carefully at the way this person is dressed, the type of hair style they have, their posture and their degree of vitality.
Now open your eyes. Is that the way you would like to be at 70+? This is an important question because that image you saw in your mind is the image steering you to your reality when you’re 70+.
If you are content with the image you don’t have a problem, just settle back and let yourself gradually turn into that image, but if you want to be very different from that image when you’re 70+, you need to update it!