Before you start your fitness campaign it is helpful to work out specifically what it is you want to achieve. Simply thinking, I’d like to lose some weight and feel better about myself, isn’t enough as it doesn’t give your mind clear direction, or anything for it to get excited about.
You need to give some time to thinking about how you would like to look and what weight and shape you’d like to be and then play with this idea. Imagine yourself being the size and shape you would like to be and picture yourself wearing the sort of clothes you would like to wear and sporting the hairstyle you would like to have and see yourself standing, walking and talking confidently and being everything you would like to be. Give your mind as much direction as possible.
If you have a clearly defined motivating vision of how you want to be, your mind will start bringing you the pathway to that vision and you will be more motivated to stay on track when temptation turns up to try and take you off track.